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Mission Statement

Chosen and Cherished Ministries believes that every child deserves a safe place and every child has a life worth living. We are dedicated to providing services to improve the safety, stability and well-being of children entrusted into our care.

Our Vision

There are approximately 430,000 orphans in Haiti and our vision is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children God has placed in our care by first meeting their basic needs such as shelter, food, education and nurturing.

Under the guidance of Haiti’s Child Social Services, we strive to create a circle of care around each child with the intent of giving every boy and girl the chance to reach their God-given potential.

Philosophy Of Care

We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and loving home in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually.

Children are the future and each one has something unique and special to bring to the world. We strive to assist the children in our care to have a vision of the world where they can make a difference.

Children will lead the way when they are taught respect, love, hard work, and the truths set out in the Word of God. We teach forgiveness and how to develop trust. This is key because all the children we serve have experienced painful or troubled lives due to traumatic events, causing them to see the world as a threatening place.

Children will have hope in a hopeless world by being taught honesty, standing up for what is right and being a responsible adult. The children are taught the importance of making good choices and emphasizing building and maintaining positive relationships with others.

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you." John 14:18

Values and Principles That Guide Us


We believe in the possibility for growth, change and forgiveness. We nurture that belief in ourselves and in others.


We promote an atmosphere where our children can feel safe and can experience improved physical, emotional and spiritual health.


We make wise use of the resources entrusted to us.


We are honest in what we say and do. Honesty and competence are fundamental in developing trust.


We see the best in others regardless of who they are. Our words and actions recognize the special needs and individuality of each child we serve or with whom we work.


We hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions. We believe every person has the capacity to make decisions and understand the consequences.


We use teamwork to accomplish more than any of us could by working alone. We believe we can best serve and care for our children by blending the talents and dedication of many caring people and organizations.


We show compassion in how we treat children. We show sensitivity to their concerns, problems or pain. We reassure them that they are not alone. We believe in the possibility for growth, change and forgiveness. We nurture that belief in ourselves and in others.

The House

Nestled in the mountainous farmlands of Fort Jacques, Haiti is a home that seems to have been designed specifically for the needs of the CCM Family. A nice sized yard wraps around the house with high safe walls securing us in. The back yard is bursting with weighed down fruit trees while the front has a nice paved area for a game of basketball! The inside of the home is full of high ceilings and an open floor plan. The house is equipped with a large living room space, that opens into the kitchen and carries on into the dining room. With five bedrooms and an office space the house is perfect for our growing mission.

Chosen and Cherished Ministries (CCM) goal is to give hope for the future of orphaned children of Haiti by providing shelter, eaucation. nutrition. emotional securitv. healthcare and life skills. CCM is a 501(c)3 charity.

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