Extended Family


Joyce Trainer


Joyce was born in Nyack, New York to a young couple both enrolled in ministry studies. She spent her infant and toddler years moving about the US as her parents ministered to congregations through the midwest, finally settling just outside of Vancouver, Canada, where they started a fishing ministry on the great sturgeon rivers of British Columbia. Joyce spent the rest of her adolescent years there, helping with the ministry, all-staring as a sandwich artist, snowboarding, pushing the envelope and cheering on the Canucks! At 19 she moved to Haiti and never looked back. She’s spent the last 12 years working as an educational fanatic at God’s Littlest Angels, and it was there in the mountains above Port Au Prince that she fell in love with the people, the country, and the culture. In her flawless creole she is often heard affectionately razzing on those whom have become her family and the community in which she has found her calling. She’s still pushing the envelope today, breaking barriers, defying normal, doing more than “enough”, and reaching out to those who the world has rejected.

Meet the board members

Barbara Haughton
President and Treasurer

With more than a dozen trips to Haiti to care for orphans, Barb has taken on the “state-side” role of organizing fundraisers and raising support to ensure the children we care for have the proper medical attention, schooling, shelter and nutrition.

Vice President

Britany began serving in Haiti shortly after the children of CCM arrived. She worked closely with Joyce and the children for two years as the nurse at GLA. Through that time, as well as frequent visits back to Haiti, she is dedicated to seeing the children of CCM grow and prosper and is excited see lives forever changed in this family.

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