Paperwork & Technicalities… 501(c)(3) Approved!

Paperwork & Technicalities… 501(c)(3) Approved!

It began with a vision and a dream to help children in Haiti who do not have any family or legal papers telling them who they are. In essence, they are “lost children” who could easily be sold as child slaves (Restaveks) within the country of Haiti. Joyce Trainer has been working in Haiti for 13 years and has felt the calling of God upon her heart to take these children and make a home; a home where they can be nurtured and loved. All of us have an intense desire to be loved and nurtured. The need to be loved, as experiments have shown, could be considered one of our most basic and fundamental needs. “It is more important to do small things with great love than to do great things with little love.” (Mother Teresa) Each child, each life is important.

God made the long and winding road….straight. We are blessed

These ten children that were not spoken for...

With the calling from God to a new ministry, there is always the reality of getting the proper paperwork in order. Because of the legal aspects of forming a non-profit/charitable organization (especially in current times) there are many “hoops” to jump through. In order to quicken the process and assure every “t” was crossed and every “i” dotted, the only option was to retain a skilled lawyer.
We chose to hire Coughlin and Gerhart LLP for various reasons. The main one was that they are a large law firm with a good reputation and work closely with charities. God led us to the right place. Our team of lawyers reduced their rates significantly because they were moved by our mission to help children in Haiti. And the expertise in wording and determination got approval by the IRS five weeks earlier than expected! We received tax exempt status on August 12th, 2016!

The manager at M&T Bank took on our file personally and set up the accounting for us to begin a bank account for Chosen and Cherished Ministries.

God made the long and winding road….straight. We are blessed.

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Chosen and Cherished Ministries (CCM) goal is to give hope for the future of orphaned children of Haiti by providing shelter, eaucation. nutrition. emotional securitv. healthcare and life skills. CCM is a 501(c)3 charity.

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